LAST DAY BEFORE BREAK … make up missing work!

Hi class! Before having an excellent break, take this class to catch up on missing work. All missing work should be emailed to me at (with your name & name of the assigment in the title) so that I can give you credit.

If you don’t have your computer, you may leave written work with the sub, but emailing prevents any chance of your work getting lost.

Below, I have prioritized what assignments you should be working on. I’ve left a note with the sub regarding who has not completed the report and should be working on it. Please be nice to her/him 🙂 

  • Anyone who has not completed their Unit 7 report (“How & Why was the USA politically divided …”) should work on that today and email it to me at
  • If you have completed your report, then you should complete any missing homework from this week (vocab sentences – Feb 17 blog entry; GW foreign policy – also Feb 17 blog entry)
  • If you completed all the homework from this week, then you should complete missing homework from Feb 3 blog entry.



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