Ms. Jenkins is out sick…

… but the show must go on! Today you will complete the assignment listed below.

Those of you with laptops, please let your classmates who do not have their laptops look on so that they can complete the assignment.

Finally, if you did not complete Friday’s homework, today’s your lucky day; you can make it up when you’ve finished today’s assignment! Ms. Jenkins will be checking both today’s assignment and Friday’s homework tomorrow during the DO NOW (as usual).


  • Read section 14.2 The Inauguration of Andrew Jackson (pg. 190) in your textbooks
  • On a blank piece of paper in your binder, answer the following questions. After answering each question, write whether or not the information in that answer reveals that AJ had qualities a person should have in order for his/her portrait to be on US $$. (You can refer back to our class list of these qualities, on Friday’s hand-out).
  1. What does the caption under the picture say about AJ’s inauguration (when he was sworn in as President)?
  2. What did Senator Webster observe about the inauguration of Andrew Jackson?
  3. What was different about many of the people who’d come to the inauguration, compared to voters in past elections?
  4. What had Jackson promised to do (and many voters believed he would) during his campaign?

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