AJ’s Indian Policy, pt. II & EXTRA CREDIT :)

Today in class we’ll be watching & discussing 2 clips from the PBS series “We Shall Remain” to continue learning about AJ’s Indian Policy and the Trail of Tears. No homework today 🙂

IF YOU MISSED CLASS, download & complete the following after watching sections 4 & 7 from the “We Shall Remain” (available at the link below) :

EXTRA CREDIT:  A lot of students have been improving their grades by working hard on classwork and turning in their homework everyday.

Everyone should continue to do this, of course, but if you’d like to boost your grade even more, then you can complete extra credit assingments about current events! ALL E/C for TERM 3 due FRI 4/8!

In order to complete an extra credit assingment, just follow instructions on the extra credit sheet as Ms. Jenkins explained (or ask Ms. Jenkins to explain, if you missed class). You can grab an extra credit assingment sheet from the “make-up work” bin in class (behind the missed assignments) OR download one below. 


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