Reconstruction Rhymes

As you continue working on your RECONSTRUCTION RHYMES projects, you can refer to the project instructions, rubric, or the chapter on Reconstruction below. Don’t forget to email your rhymes to Ms. Jenkins by tonight at 10 p.m. so you can present tomorrow for our guests!


Final Investigation: Lincoln-Douglas debates, John Brown’s slave revolt & the election of 1860

Today, we conclude our investigation into who/what is responsible for 620,000 American deaths during the Civil War. We will be learning about the Lincoln-Douglas debates, the slave revolt led by John Brown, and the election of 1860.

IF YOU MISSED CLASS, please download & complete the following:

TODAY’s HOMEWORK: Diary entry #7

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CIVIL WAR wordspell

Although I’m out today, the learning continues…


1.      Complete and hand in to Mr. M a wordspell about the causes of the Civil War.

2.     If you’ve completed objective 1, complete missed homework from the unit.

3.      Complete extra credit assignments (do this only if you have completed objectives 1 & 2; go to March 30th blog entry if you need more info).

IF YOU MISSED TODAY’S CLASS, download & complete the following:

Effects of the Kansas-Nebraska Act & Dred Scott

Today we’ll be learning about the effects of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, and about the Dred Scott court case.

IF YOU MISSED TODAY’S CLASS, download & complete the following documents:


TODAY’s HOMEWORK: Diary entry #6


Fugitive Slave Act, Uncle Tom’s Cabin & Kansas-Nebraska Act

Today we’ll learn about 3 more things that drove North and South further apart: the Fugitive Slave Act, the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and the Kansas-Nebraska Act.

IF YOU MISSED CLASS TODAY, download & complete the following:

HOMEWORK: diary entry #5



The Missouri Compromise unravels …

Today in our pursuit of suspects for the Civil War, we will learn about how the Missouri Compromise failed to settle differences between North & South.

IF YOU MISSED CLASS, download & complete the following:


Missouri Compromise

Today we’ll be learning about how the US dealt with the difficult issue of slavery in the Missouri Compromise  and continue our search for suspects.

IF YOU MISSED CLASS, download & complete the following:


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